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An innovative environment, capturing the wide range of a vision to build a synergy between technology and progression, the label combines the latest technological innovations with traditional quality encryption to redefine the way we think about future.We are working together to bring the power of Artificial Intelligence into the fields of cyber security and business analytics.

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Our utmost priority is to fetch back privacy and tighten security for all your applications. With the extensively experienced workforce and a reputed management team in technology, we are paving a new path not only for corporates but also for every specific need in cyberspace.


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Data Security

The power of an AI solving your security problems in cyber space. We are building tools that are efficient, reliable and insightful. They effectively collect, analyse, and produce recommendations regarding a volume of security data.

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Business Analytics

The focus is on the quirks of your data model and the uniqueness of your business needs. We make data more accessible and engaging, helping insight-driven businesses more prepared, with better informed decisions.

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We are fabricating a smart application which provides a transparent mechanism to help the organization perform to the best of their capabilities.


Our chatbots are easy and fun ways to assist customers in their interactions. Our application’s contrivance is timely and inclusive.

"Employee Monitoring Systems"

No matter how much we trust our team, at the end their shouldn’t be any leak in our pipeline. In order to secure the pipeline of data, this helps track the employee activity over the network.


to cater most of the



This one is tricky, because we aren’t doing anything new in this department but we build and also make them secured.


Our savvy designers create high-quality designs that are eye-catchy. We take the client's ideas to hone their designs. We inculcate creativity and technology in our designs.

"Encrypted Business Emails"

We provide encrypted emails for your business that protect your email content from being read by other entities than the intended recipients.


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